12VDC Standard Output Flexible LED Linear Tape - 5M



IMPORTANT NOTE:  This product is being phased out by end of Q2, 2020.  At that time, limited product may be available, contact your GM customer service rep.  Please see new LEDTask™ 2020 product here.

GM Lighting’s 12VDC Standard Output Flexible  LED Linear Tape is the industry standard where an energy-saving high or standard output LED source is  required.  Perfectly suited for cove lighting, architectural detail illumination, task lighting and hospitality lighting.

Key Features:

  • 5 Meter Reel - 16.4'
  • Dimmable*
  • 300 LED's per reel
  • No harmful UV rays
  • 80+ CRI
  • 50,000 hour life
  • Cuttable every 3 LED's
  • 120° Viewing Angle
  • Mounts into Tight Spaces
  • Even Illumination - No Shadowing
  • Utilizes 3M Double Stick Mounting Tape
  • Accessories Allow for Multiple Configuration
  • ETL Listed

* When using dimmable magnetic type power supplies, we recommend the following dimmer switches, or equivalent:

• Lutron DVLV-600
• Lutron AYLV-600
• Leviton DSM Series

When using dimmable electronic type power supplies, we recommend the following dimmer switches, or equivalent:

•. Lutron DVRP-250
• Lutron Sure Slide ELV

NOTE:  The above list is not comprehensive nor is it exclusive.  Individual switch performance may vary.  Recommend field testing prior to installation.



Ordering Information

Catalog No. Output Color Watts/Foot Amps/Reel Lumens/Foot Length
LTR300-SO-24 Standard 2400K 1.52W 2.0 107 5M (16'4")
LTR300-SO-27 Standard 2700K 1.52W 2.0 111 5M (16'4")
LTR300-SO-30 Standard 3000K 1.52W 2.0 115 5M (16'4")
LTR300-SO-WW Standard 3500K 1.52W 2.0 134 5M (16'4")
LTR300-SO-42 Standard 4200K 1.52W 2.0 144 5M (16'4")
LTR300-SO-PW Standard 5500K 1.52W 2.0 153 5M (16'4")
LTR300-RD Standard Red 1.52W 2.0 9 5M (16'4")
LTR300-BL Standard Blue 1.52W 2.0 12 5M (16'4")
LTR300-GR Standard Green 1.52W 2.0 34 5M (16'4")
LTR300-AM Standard Amber 1.52W 2.0 10 5M (16'4")
LTR300-PR Standard Purple/Blacklight 1.52W 2.0 0.4 5M (16'4")

Includes (3) LTW-24 Connectors and 24" of lead affixed at start of reel.  Kelvin temperature (color) ± 200K.



Connectors & Accessories   LEDTask EZ Tape Connectors  
LTC-1 Tape to Tape Connector LTC-EZ-1 EZ Connector Snap-in Module only
LTC-3 3" Flexible Tape to Tape Connector LTC-EZ-3 3" EZ Tape to Tape Connector
LTC-12 12" Flexible Tape to Tape Connector LTC-EZ-12 12' EZ Tape to Tape Connector
LTC-24 24" Flexible Tape to Tape Connector LTC-EZ-24 24" EZ Tape to Tape Connector
LTC-36 36" Flexible Tape to Tape Connector LTC-EZ-60 60" EZ Tape to Tape Connector
LTC-60 60" Flexible Tape to Tape Connector LTW-EZ-6 6" EZ Tape to Power Supply Connector
LTW-6 6" Tape to Power Supply Connector LTW-EZ-24 24" EZ Tape to Power Supply Connector
LTW-24 24" Tape to Power Supply Connector LTW-EZ-48 48" EZ Tape to Power Supply Connector
LTW-48 48" Tape to Power Supply Connector LTW-EZ-60 60" EZ Tape to Power Supply Connector
LTW-60 60" Tape to Power Supply Connector    
LTC-T 3" Flexible Tape to Tape T Connector    
STC-1 Tape to Tape Sure Tite Connector    
STLK-60 60" Tape to Tape Sure Tite Connector    
STW-60 60" Tape to Power Supply Sure Tite Connector    
GMSB-W Splice Box - White - 2"L x 1"W x 5/8"D    
GMSB-B Splice Box - Black - 2"L x 1"W x 5/8"D    

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