12VDC Wet Location Standard Output Flexible LED Linear Tape



IMPORTANT NOTE:  This product is being phased out by end of Q2, 2020.  At that time, limited product may be available, contact your GM customer service rep.  Please see new LEDTask™ 2020 wet location product here.

GM Lighting’s 12VDC Wet Location LED Linear Tape is the choice for any outdoor LED lighting application.  A 50,000 hour LED product that delivers more performance per linear foot than any other equivalent light source.  The product provides even illumination without any dark spots.

GM Lighting’s Wet Location LED tapes are available in a 1 meter reel and a 5 meter reel.  Each 1 meter reel has a male waterproof connector on one end and a female waterproof connector on the opposite end which allows them to be joined together.   1 meter reels include: (1) female wet location tape  to power supply connector (LTW-24-WP), 6 silicone  mounting clips, 12 stainless steel screws, 2 silicone end caps, 1 male plug for plugging end of run and a  tube of silicone sealant. 5 meter reels include:  (1) 24” female wet location tape to power  supply connector (LTW-24-WP), 20 silicone  mounting clips, 40 stainless steel screws,  2 silicone end caps, 1 male plug for plugging  end of run and a tube of silicone sealant for ease  of installation.   
Note:  Wet location tape is not listed to be directly submerged in water.

Key Features:

  • 5 Meter Reel - 16.4' or 1 Meter Reel - 39.4"
  • Reels are connectible by male and female plugs only
  • Dimmable
  • 50,000 hour life
  • Cuttable every 3 LED's

Ordering Information

Catalog No. Output Color Watts/Foot Amps/Reel Lumens/Foot Length
LTR60WP-SO-27 Standard 2700K 1.52W 0.4 132 1M (39.4")
LTR60WP-SO-30 Standard 3000K 1.52W 0.4 133 1M (39.4")
LTR60WP-SO-WW Standard 3500K 1.52W 0.4 134 1M (39.4")
LTR60WP-SO-42 Standard 4200K 1.52W 0.4 142 1M (39.4")
LTR60WP-SO-PW Standard 5500K 1.52W 0.4 147 1M (39.4")
LTR300WP-SO-27 Standard 2700K 1.52W 2.0 132 5M (16'4")
LTR300WP-SO-30 Standard 3000K 1.52W 2.0 133 5M (16'4")
LTR300WP-SO-WW Standard 3500K 1.52W 2.0 134 5M (16'4")
LTR300WP-SO-42 Standard 4200K 1.52W 2.0 142 5M (16'4")
LTR300WP-SO-PW Standard 5500K 1.52W 2.0 147 5M (16'4")
LTR300WP-RD Standard Red 1.52W 2.0 10 5M (16'4")
LTR300WP-BL Standard Blue 1.52W 2.0 12 5M (16'4")
LTR300WP-GR Standard Green 1.52W 2.0 34 5M (16'4")
LTR300WP-AM Standard Amber 1.52W 2.0 9 5M (16'4")

LED tape suitable for installation from -12°F to 150°F.  Kelvin temperature (color) ± 200K. Note: The piece of tape left over from your cut cannot be used. Please keep this in mind when designing your layout.



LTCWP-12 12" Flexible Tape to Tape Connector
LTCWP-24 24" Flexible Tape to Tape Connector
LTCWP-36 36" Flexible Tape to Tape Connector
LTCWP-60 60" Flexible Tape to Tape Connector
LTW-24-WP 24" Flexible Tape to Power Supply Connector
LTW-48-WP 48" Flexible Tape to Power Supply Connector
LTW-60-WP 60" Flexible Tape to Power Supply Connector
WPKT Waterproof accessory kit. Includes silicone sealant, silicone end cap,
6 silicone clips, 12 screws and 1 male connector.

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The following photometrics are for dry location, which carries the same optics except for the protective clear waterproof sheath.







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