Flexible 12VDC LED Tape 'Suitcase' Display



Display Description

Individually switched assortment of GM Lighting LED tape all presented in an eye-catching, powered 'suitcase' display that when closed occupies a small 12" x 8-1/2" footprint, and when opened looks like a treasure-chest of light on your counter.  Each length of tape can be individually switched on or off.

Size:   11-1/2"W x 9"D x 1-1/2"H

Comes fully wired and ready to plug-in.  


Comes with the following individually switched 12VDC tape:

  • LTR300-24
  • LTR300-27
  • LTR300-SO-30
  • LTR300-SO-WW
  • LTR300-S0-42
  • LTR300-SO-PW
  • LTR300-RD
  • LTR300-GR
  • LTR300-AM
  • LTR300WP-BL
  • LTR300-27
  • LTR300-30
  • LTR300-WW
  • LTR300-42




Ordering Information

Catalog No. Description Voltage  Dimensions Finish
GMLEDRD Flexible 12VDC LED Tape 'Suitcase' Display 12VDC 11.50"W x 1.50"H x 9.00"D Black



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