TunableTask 120V Adjustable Kelvin Undercabinet Lighting

Imagine the ability to change color temperature from one fixture. TunableTask allows you to switch from warm 2700K, to neutral 3000K to cool and bright 4000K. Linkable and easy to install too!

GridTask Ceiling Illumination

Here's a brilliant video using 3D modeling to show the GridTask modular installation system. A new paradigm in ceiling lighting deserves your consideration - especially when it is so easy to install!

2nd Annual Amazing Application Image Contest Winners

Join us as we ooh and ahhh our way through some amazing application images, courtesy of our incredible reps and lighting designers. All utilizing GM Lighting fixtures!

GridTask LED Ceiling Lighting System

120V or 277V GridTask makes a unique and memorable lighting statement. The newest thing to happen to ceiling lighting in decades! Up to 2600 lumens and available in 3500K or 4000K.

Proxima 120V Motion Sensitive Closet Rated Surface Mount Lighting

Never search for the switch again. Proxima by GM Lighting utilizes a proximity sensor to switch on when someone comes in the room, and off 30 seconds after they've left. And, it couldn't be easier to install.

MicroTask4 Round, Square and Round Adjustable LED Downlight

MicroTask4 is a mid-sized, multi-format recessed downlight that is attached to its own inline junction box. Excellent color rendition with up to 1000 lumens.

Lamina 24VDC Standard / High Output Configurable Laminated Light Sheet

Cut Lamina into geometric shapes for one of a kind graphic light displays that is easy to install. Perfect for signage, light panels, retail display, back lighting and themed applications

Vision 120 with New Super High Output

Our Vision120 120V LED linear tape just added a Super High Output variation that belts out up to 530 lumens per foot.

RGBW: Installing a Repeater For Runs Over 300W

Your RGBW Controller can handle 300W max. When multiple runs exceed that wattage, you need to add repeaters to your run. Repeaters need their own power supply, just like the controller. This video shows how easy it is to hook up multiple runs over 300W using repeaters.

GM Lighting 120V Step Light Installation

Our 120V Step Light is available in 3000K and with a variety of options: Horizontal or vertical format, open lens, louvered or scoop, and in White, Black or Brushed Nickel. Watch A.J. show how easy it is to install.

LEDtensity™ 24VDC Flexible 94CRI LED Tape

LEDtensity packs a punch where high intensity, LED linear lighting is required. GM Lighting's Jason Marcotte shows how easy it is to use and install. With up to 487 lumens and 94 CRI, LEDtensity's superior performance is available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K.

GM Lighting's 120VAC IC Rated Mini Dimmable and Adjustable GMR6 Downlight

Jason Marcotte demonstrates GM Lighting's GMR6 IC Rated Mini-Dimmable Downlight. It's a breeze to install and packs a punch!

GM Lighting's Twist Task™ 12VDC High Output 90+ CRI Flexible LED Tape

Irregular shapes and architectural details can now be easily illuminated with Twist-Task™ 12VDC High Output 90+ CRI Flexible LED Tape.

GM Lighting's RGBW Color-Changing Tape With True White

RGBW takes color-changing RGB tape to a new level! The addition of 3000K True White increases your color palette.

GM Lighting 120V SLCB Undercabinet Fixture Install

The SLCB is a driverless, 120V under cabinet fixture that is easy to install!

GM Lighting Wet Location RGB Linear Ribbon Install Video

Wet location RGB LED Linear Ribbon looks great in themed areas - anywhere from an outdoor bar or entertainment center to pool and spa areas. Just don't submerge the ribbon. Jason Marcotte shows you how it's done.


RGB EZ Connectors

RGB offers dazzling color effects. GM Lighting's RGB linear ribbon makes it easy to achieve these effects. Here's how it's done!

GM Lighting's LED Light Bars Video HD

Undercabinet is GM Lighting's middle name! As manufacturers of one of the most complete 12VDC and 24VDC line of under cabinet 'light bars', and 120V too - our reputation is staked not only on how large our line is, but how easy they are to install.

GM Lighting's LED Flexible Linear Ribbon HD

GM Lighting has one of the most complete lines of 12VDC and 24VDC flexible LED linear ribbons. Also known as LED 'tape lighting', the ease of use and installation is evident in this video.

GM Lighting Dry Location LED Flexible Ribbon Installation

Jason Marcotte demonstrates GM Lighting's Dry Location LED Flexible Ribbon Installation with Sure-Tite, EZ Connector and Architectural Channel installation.

GM Lighting LEDTask™ 120V LED Undercabinet Install Video

GM Lighting's 120V UCLED LEDTask Undercabinet fixture is not only the industry standard for under cabinet lighting, it's also easy to install. Jason Marcotte takes you through the easy set-up and installation.

GM Lighting LEDTask™ Wet Location LED Flexible Linear Ribbon Install Video

Jason Marcotte takes you through the easy set-up and installation of GM Lighting LEDTask™ Wet Location LED Flexible Linear Ribbon.


RGB EZ Connectors Video HD

GM Lighting's popular RGB LED Flexible Linear Ribbon has a new connector available. Jason Marcotte makes what's already easy, look easier!

Sure Tite & T Connector Video HD

GM Lighting's Jason Marcotte demonstrates the architectural quality connections that can be made with Sure-Tite connectors, and the unique 3-way connection that is possible with GM Lighting's T-Connector.


GM Lighting Sure Tite and EZ Connectors Install Video HD

Watch this video to see how easy it is to use Sure Tite and EZ Connectors as show by GM Lighting's Jason Marcotte!


GM Lighting SDP Pucks Install Video HD

Watch how simple it is to install GM Lighting's SDP Pucks!

GM Lighting's LTHE and LTF Dimmable Power Supply Demo

Jason Marcotte demonstrates GM Lighting's LTHE series of dimmable power supplies.

GM Lighting's 120V Driverless Surface Downlight Installation

GM Lighting's S4 and S6 surface mount 120V driverless downlights are easy to install.

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